Lavish Mercedes-Benz B6 Sprinter by Lexani Motorcars

Elegantly merging luxury and personal safety, Lexani Motorcars has recently launched a new stunning project: an armored Mercedes-Benz B6 Sprinter with a royal-grade interior. Called Reále, the car is very luxurious, high-tech and safe, which makes it an ideal means of transport for heads of state, celebrities and other wealthy and important individuals.

The incredibly comfy seats feature fine leather upholstery, while the interior lining of the car is Alcantara suede. Passengers can also enjoy a luxe bathroom with marble flooring, ceramic toilet, and even a gold-plated sink. A coat rack is hidden in one of the bathroom walls. Excellent for business and family trips, the Reále also boasts a nice galley with dining and wining features. For a price that may easily go beyond $450,000, the Sprinter can be customized according to each client’s preferences and needs.