Latinx Voters Could Regain The House Majority For Democrats

Latinx Voters Could Regain The House Majority For Democrats

Most of today’s political chatter is centered around one of
the innumerable scandals surrounding the Trump Administration, but one
particular story is getting brushed under the rug despite the fact that it
could reshape the United States as we know it. Across the country it’s becoming
increasingly clear that Latinx voters could be the driving engine that helps
Democrats reclaim their majority in the House of Representatives.

If American voters are sick and tired of Donald Trump’s
ceaseless bigotry and gross incompetence, they need to be doing all they can to
empower the Latinx voters who could be the cure to Trump’s political

Latinx voters could
swing House districts

If Democrats really want to act as a thorn in President
Trump’s side, then it’s a simple necessity that they reclaim the House of
Representatives. Whether we’re discussing the stymieing of the president’s
disastrous policy agenda or even the discussion of articles of impeachment,
Democrats are essentially powerless in the minority and can only effectively
curb the executive branch with the full-throated weight of a congressional
majority behind them.

That’s where Latinx voters come in; across the country, a
number of House districts are up for grabs in areas that have predominately
been Republican strongholds for some time. That’s because voters everywhere are
fed up with Donald Trump and his GOP enablers, sick and tired of their defense
of sexual misconduct, not to mention the ceaseless scandals clouding this White
House. Latinx voters have historically fallen within the confines of the
Democratic Party, and continue to be an important part of liberal
constituencies across the country.

If Donald Trump is going to be defeated, these Latinos and
Latinas need to be energized and empowered to vote in hitherto unforeseen
numbers. A flood of Latinx votes across a myriad of “pink” districts which
could go to either the GOP or the Democratic Party could very well be the final
push that liberals need to reclaim the House. If Congress isn’t reclaimed from
the clutches of the Republican Party, so intent on abusing its powers to brush
President Trump’s incompetence under the rug, then there’s little hope of
reining in Trump’s excesses and embarrassments.

New Mexico, California, and Arizona in
particular are home to a number of districts where Latinx voters could be the
deciding factor in whether or not more Democrats go to the next Congress than
Republicans. Across the country, too, Latinx voters compose sizable minorities
and, in many cases, large majorities in other important political
constituencies, and can make their voices and contempt for Donald Trump heard
by voting. If these voters remain silent, we very well could be forced to
endure another 4 years of President Trump’s hatred and self-defeating policies
rather than investment in portable storage pods.

Latinx voters have often been lauded as
forthcoming saviors of the Democratic party thanks to demographic changes, but
2018 offers them a real opportunity to put their weight on the political scale
and tip the balance of power in America as we know it.