Land Rover Unveils Two Defender Successors

After a long and glorious life, the beloved Defender will finally be replaced by a newer and more alluring model from Land Rover. We all knew this was going to happen one day, but what we didn’t expect was for the automaker to unveil not one, but two versions of the successor at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

You’ve probably already seen the DC100 three-door wagon that the British manufacturer revealed a few weeks ago, so this model should not be too big a surprise for you. But then there is the open-top version of the vehicle, boasting a special yellow-orange body paint: the DC100 Sport.

The two concepts share the same 100-inch wheelbase and flaunt sustainable high-tech materials. The most exciting advanced technologies that they feature are the Terrain-i scanning device which warns the driver about any possible obstacles on the road, and the Wade Aid sonar that gauges water depth and sends the information to the Land Rover Terrain Response System, which automatically adapts the car for the ever changing road conditions.

Production will start in 2015, but the high-res pictures are already available for you right now.

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