Land Rover Unveils the Lightweight 2013 Range Rover

The newest generation Range Rover has finally been revealed, boasting an impressive list of awesome qualities. Land Rover must be very proud to announce that its fourth generation Range Rover is 700 pounds (39%) lighter than the previous version, thanks to its all-aluminum unibody structure.

The 2013 version of the SUV can be powered by a V8 petrol engine with supercharger, or SDV8 and TDV6 diesel units, with CO2 reduction technology. The front fascia is elongated, similarly to that of the Evoque, the tail lamps have been redesigned, and its overall exterior is pretty awesome.

The interior too has received some modifications, including 4.7 extra inches for rear legroom, a seamless connection between the dashboard and the instrument panel, an overall simpler looking console, leather trims, wood veneer, and low noise levels. The 2013 Range Rover will only reach the first customers early next year, but its official debut will take place this year, at the upcoming Paris Motor Show.

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