Lamborghini Estoque Ready for Production?

Lamborghini Estoque Ready for Production

Lamborghini luxury might take a new form sooner than we expected. Remember the Estoque concept presented in 2008 at the Paris Motor Show? Now Stephan Winkelmann, the Lamborghini CEO,  suggests that the Italian automaker might just be ready to launch their first four-door beauty.

Winkelmann sais that the Estoque could be a very good place to start for Lamborghini, outside the supercars zone. It should have some 500 horsepower and an top speed of 180 mph. Not bad at all, and the looks on the ride is also pretty impressive.

Now you’ve probably heard of some rumors saying that Lamborghini might follow on Porsche’s footsteps and come up with a luxury SUV of their own. Winkelmann assures us that’s not going to happen. He speaks for everybody at Lamborghini when he sais he believes there is no such thing as a luxury SUV. So all we can wait for now is the elegant Estoque to hit production soon.Lamborghini Estoque Ready for Production