Lakshmi Mittal Builds the Most Expensive Mansion in Scotland

You certainly remember Mukesh Ambani and his extraordinary Antilia  home. The man is the fourth richest person in the world, and his new home is definitely the most expensive one. But he is not the only Indian plush person to erect incredibly expensive homes.

The fifth rich man in the world also happens to be an Indian, and his name is Lakshmi Mittal. He currently lives in London and is the richest man in Europe, with a wealth of £19.3 billion, or $28.7 billion. So a man of his caliber must have at least one imposing castle-like home, right?And let us begin the list with the £250 million Taj Mittal residence he bought in 2008. That same year he added another mansion to his collection: a £117 million stunning home for his son, Aditya Mittal.

Now his latest acquisition is a £15 million (or $23 million) home in Perthshire. Quite surprisingly, the house ‘only’ has five or six bedrooms. But there are two large kitchens and a £80,000 bathroom in the building. Furnished with Ralf Lauren pieces and having a special flooring that cost him £200/meter, this mansion is actually the most expensive one in Scotland. Ah, the life some people live!Lakshmi Mittal Builds the Most Expensive Mansion in Scotland


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