Lake Residence by Architekton

Located in Tempe, Arizona, USA, the Lake Residence is a marvelous house built for a family of four. Architekton managed to create a 3,500 sf eco-friendly lake house in the last available place from the 30-year-old Lakes Neighborhood. Efficiency and flexibility are the words that best characterize this house. To admire the views offered by the lake and to feel the warm touch of the sun and breeze, the north and south sliding glass walls of the main living spaces can be opened. A protective opaque ‘wrapper’ provides sun shading on the south when needed. The garage also has a translucent door which is very practical to illuminate the driveway at night and the garage during the day.

A courtyard at the street level can be defined with the use of a hyper-programmed wall that slips through the house and cantilevers towards the lake. Because of the lack of space, flexible adaptable spaces have been created. The house was built to optimize space and smartly use the natural light being an eco-friendly home.

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