Krugger Motorcycles’ Futuristic BMW K1600

Even though the BMW K1600 is actually a pretty basic-looking 2-wheeler, the experts at Krugger Motorcycles managed to transform it into something truly spectacular. The project was suggested by a French division of BMW, and it involved the complete makeover of the motorcycle while keeping its electronic parts and 161 horsepower engine.

Krugger Motorcycles created a brand new aluminum body entirely by hand, and as you can see for yourself, it looks like a wonderful work of art. The bike flaunts a longer and lower chassis that showcases the engine’s six beastly exhaust pipes thanks to the clever placement of the radiators on the sides.

The motorcycle required 3,000 hours of hard work to complete, and aside from its engine and electronics, it has little in common with BMW’s original K1600.






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