Kate Middleton’s Sheer Dress Sold for A Mind-Blowing £78,000

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Who would have thought that a student-made sheer skirt that ended up being worn as a dress and which cost only £30 to make will one day be worth £78,000 (or $126,000)? What caused the difference in value? Kate Middleton, the future wife of Price William.

While still a student at the University of St Andrews, where Prince William also studied, Kate Middleton agreed to model the outfit for charity. This was happening in 2002, and many speculate that her appearance in the revealing dress had a significant influence over William’s feelings towards his colleague and friend, Kate.

Charlotte Todd, the creator of the dress, made the outfit while she was still studying fashion design at the University of the West of England in 2000. She never dreamed that her creation would gather so much success and money. After the sale she said: “I’m completely shocked. I need to sit down and get my head round it”.

The sale started at £20,000 and the fight over the knitted lace dress continued until it reached £78,000. The buyer is only known as Nick from Jersey, according to the person representing him at the event. Nick from Jersey declares himself very happy with the purchase, and he considers the dress to be “an iconic piece”.

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The sheer dress that Kate Middleton once modeled for charity has recently been sold for a whooping £78,000.