Kat Von D’s Amazing Gothic Mansion for Sale

If gothic interiors don’t freak you out, then you should take a look at this amazing home in Los Angeles. Located in Hollywood Hills, the Spanish-style residence doesn’t indicate much about its mind-blowing interiors from the outside. The most important about it is the fact that its seller is the beautiful and famous Kat Von D.

The fabled L.A. Ink star is about to marry DeadMau5 and she is now excitedly searching for a new home for her and her future husband. Consequently, she is selling her 1920s residence with 4 bedrooms, 4 and a half bathrooms and nice chef’s kitchen. The mansion has a total of 4,148 square feet of space, and every inch of it seems to be wrapped in mystery.

The dining room flaunts imposing wooden chairs with tall backrests, a gothic chandelier and spooky paintings. The same creepy atmosphere dominates the living area as well, where purple dripping candles have dripped their wax all over the floor before the fireplace. On the mantelpiece miniature deer keep things very weird, while the purple-red velvet chairs give out an air of sobriety.

This is one of those homes that you either totally love or absolutely hate. If you are among those who would feel incredibly comfortable living in a gothic environment, you should be ready to shell out around $2.5 million for the house.

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