Justin Bieber Gold Head Sculpture: $1 Million

Only a few years ago, Justin Bieber was just a talented teenager dreaming of a musical career. But did he ever dream of someone making a gold statue of his head? Well, nobody really knows what goes on inside a teenager’s mind, so we won’t even try to answer that question. But what we do know is that Bieber is now so famous that this life-size gold statue of his heads will find a buyer in no time.

Recently completed by precious metal specialist 1st Gold Bullion, the sculpture required ten weeks of hard work, of which three were spent reproducing the young star’s trademark hairstyle. Ten artists worked on this precious portrait. At the current gold price, the statue is worth $1.023 million, but you can be sure that the price tag will get heavier and heavier with every passing day. After all, it’s a successful young pop artist’s portrait made in gold that we’re talking about!Justin Bieber Gold Head Sculpture (1)


Justin Bieber Gold Head Sculpture (2)


Justin Bieber Gold Head Sculpture (3)



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