Jarrett Petty’s Motobecane 40T Moped

The late 1970s were very familiar with mopeds and that’s when this beauty was also born. Well, it didn’t look exactly like this back then, but it ‘grew’ in time, almost like a living being.

In 1978 the Motobecane 40T was ready to conquer the roads of France, right after it came out of the factory. It was powered by a simple two-stroke engine, a simple frame and a pair of pedals. But then, some 30 years later Jarrett Petty from Austin, Texas saw great potential in this bike and decided to upgrade it.

This is how the stunning new Motobecane 40T that you see in the pictures was born. Both power and design-wise things have considerably changed for the better. The new 50cc cylinder engine can push the vehicle to 60 mph. Then there are the new chrome forks, the rims, the seat, and the angled cross-bar that give this bike a fresh new look, together with other elements such as the gold brass knuckles under the seat and the gold racing chain.

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