Is Bentley Working on a Muslanne-Based Turbo R Coupe?

Bentley Muslanne-Based Turbo R Coupe (68)

Rumor has it Bentley is planning on creating a new version of their iconic Turbo R coupe. They say it will be based on the Muslanne model and that it will boast 600 horsepower from a tweaked twin-turbo 6.75-liter V8 engine (the sedan version’s engine).

The luxury carmaker hasn’t made any confirmation of the rumor, but if they do have this project in mind, then maybe it is designed to replace the Brooklands. We can only guess that it would look something like a Muslanne with two doors, but these are just speculations. It’s now all up to Bentley to deny of confirm the whisper.

Bentley Muslanne-Based Turbo R Coupe (65)