iPad 2 Crystal Gold Edition from Stuart Hughes

Stuart Hughes turned iPads into some of the most luxurious and exclusive gadgets out there. Their iPad 2 Gold History Edition is the most striking of all and also the most expensive iPad in the world, with a staggering price of £5 million.

For the less profuse however, they created a more affordable, but still luxurious version, which they called the iPad 2 Crystal Gold Edition. Priced at $2,995 (or approx. $4,850), the iPad is wrapped in 24ct gold with a beautiful mirror finish. The “Crystal” part of its name comes from the shiny, crystal-studded Apple logo on the back of the device. With 3G, 64GB memory and Wi-Fi, this is a luxe gadget that you definitely want to have.

iPad 2 Crystal Gold Edition from Stuart Hughes

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