Introducing The MoDe Flex Smartbike By Ford

It seems that all of our gadgets are smart these days, whether we’re talking about smartwatches or smartphones, and it looks like the “smart” trend is steadily encompassing our means of transportation. For example, smartbikes are gaining quite a lot of traction as of late, all thanks to reputable companies that are spending money on their unique designs. The MoDe: Flex smartbike by Ford is a versatile two-wheeler that can fold up and be stored inside a regular car.

MoDe Flex Smartbike By Ford

However, it still offers enough performance and comfort to earn the respect of bike enthusiasts. it can connect to the user’s smartphone and enter a “no sweat” mode, in which it calculates the precise amount of effort that the rider needs to put out in order to reach a certain destination without too much physical strain. The MoDe: Link app provides useful information regarding traffic, terrain and weather conditions, while an Apple Watch extension can even detect road potholes and provide warnings through handlebar vibrations.

MoDe Flex Smartbike By Ford

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