Inspiring AKMA Steampunk Coffee Machine

The AKMA steampunk coffee machine might just be the most impressive coffee machine in the world, and we’re not just talking about its intimidating design. Indeed, even though it looks like it heralds the end of the world, this complex device has a much more domestic purpose: to deliver delicious coffee drinks using the cold drip method.

The name of this special appliance (AKMA) stands for “devil” in Korean, which is another nod to its malefic looks. This contraption includes a 0,79-gallon water tank as well as three coffee tanks for 3,5 to 5,2 ounces of coffee. Its 3-leg style design ensures that the user can pull the flask out without causing any stability issues, which is important since we’re talking about a relatively tall structure.
AKMA requires no other power source except gravity, and it was put together using anodized aluminum. Its flasks are made out of borosilicate, which means that they are highly resistant to heat.



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