Innovative Volvo Lounge Console

Volvo cars are generally known for their reliability and comfort, but few of them were actually designed to cater to the needs of executives that are being driven around by their own chauffeurs. With the Volvo Lounge console, the company seeks to bring comfort to a completely new level, and we have to admit that their design is spot-on.

Unveiled during the Shanghai Motor Show, the concept showcases a three-seat layout that replaces the front passenger seat with a special console. The console ensures extra legroom as well as access to amenities such as a 17-inch monitor, a vanity mirror, a tray table, a storage tray, a shoe drawer, a footrest and a lockbox. Obviously designed for wealthy individuals who prefer to travel solely in the company of their chauffer, the console could definitely find success in the business sector. The layout does include another back seat in the left, which looks considerably less comfortable by comparison.






[Via – Autoblog]

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