Innovative KOR-FX Vest Is A Gamer’s Dream Come True

Even though all gamers dream of a functional virtual reality system that would allow them enjoy their favorite games in full, the unfortunate truth is that they might have to wait quite a few more years before they could fulfill this dream However, the good news is that we are definitely headed in the right direction, all thanks to innovative and impressive gadgets such as VR headsets and gaming vests.

If you’ve never heard of a wireless gaming vest before, then you’ll definitely want to check out the KOR-FX Vest – a fantastic product that would allow you to literally feel what’s going on around your in-game avatar. The vest features 4DFX technology and is described as “the next generation of environmental realism” by its creators. Basically, the vest interprets audio signals within the game and translates them to vibrations accordingly so that you may feel anything from the hitting force of a bullet or explosion to the rumbling of your car’s engine. Naturally, the sensations would be targeted accordingly, which means that if an event happens behind you, in front of you or on your sides, you’ll definitely know where to look next.

The KOR-FX Vest can be adjusted if it feels too intrusive for you, and it can even be paired with specific game or audio functions thanks to a special development kit. This thing can also change the way you enjoy your favorite movies or music, which says a lot about its versatility and potential. We don’t know much about the vest’s availability or pricing at this point, but according to its creators, it will become available for purchase later this year.



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