Indian Steel Magnate Sajjan Jindal Buys a $90M Mansion

People in India are either extremely poor or extremely rich. As a member of the second category, steel magnate Sajjan Jindal has recently bought an incredibly expensive residence in Mumbai. Occupying a one-acre area, the three-storey residence boasts a huge garden and porch and represents the country’s costliest deal of its kind: it was bought for Rs 400 crore (some $90 million). Called the Maheshwari House it can be admired at Mumbai’s Nepean Sea Road.

Jindal’s family is currently living in the Jindal House in Walkeshwar, an affluent area in south Mumbai. Rumor has it that the owner of the third largest steel company in India is planning a complete makeover for his newly acquired mansion, but there is no official confirmation of the word yet. Sajjan Jindal is also selling his huge residence on Carmichael Road.

Indian Steel Magnate Sajjan Jindal Buys a $90M Mansion


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