Incredibly Expensive Sound Systems

Kipnis’ outer limits theatre

All music and film lovers (not to mention the addicts) know that a good sound system means a lot of money. But just how much would you be willing to pay for an entertainment device like that? Well, you’ll be amazed at how expensive they can get!

But hey, if you are the “pots of money” kind of guy, you might find these quite appealing. The rest of Earth’s population will just marvel at these sound machines and maybe disapprove of them and their prices.

So here is the top ten list of the world’s most expensive home stereos.

Number 10 – Marten Coltrane: Supreme $ 180,000

The world’s first one diamond tweeter and two diamond midrange was built in 2006 and it is named the Supreme. It is able to communicate reproduced music to its listener while putting out 100,000 Hz (main towers) and 16 Hz (subwoofers).

Marten Coltrane Supreme

Not only that the sound is crystal clear, but when it comes to the base, well it can get so low that you cannot hear it, but only feel it!

Number 9 – AvanteGarde Acoustic: Trio Classico with Bass Horns $ 189,000

AvanteGarde Acoustic Trio Classico with Bass Horns

Modern sculpture, decorative element, …audio device? Why not all those in one single package! The Trio Classico is an avant-garde-shaped audio system that is bound to take you to brand new levels of acoustic pleasure. Giving out 107 dB from one watt per meter, this device produces the most clear and enchanting sounds, a performance that could never be achieved by the ordinary home stereo. Oh, and did we mention that it comes in various colors? This is the perfect combination of utility and pleasure.

Number 8 – German Physiks: Loreley MK II $ 199,995

German Physiks Loreley MK II

With quite an intricate design, the Loreley MK II comes from Germany with speakers that can emit amazing sounds and frequencies in full 360 degrees. You can opt for carbon or titanium DDD drivers and you don’t have to worry at all about the base. The smart dome woofer design takes care of this issue in the best possible way. Germany offers the world yet another high-end technology.

Number 7 – Perfect8: Force $ 277,000

Perfect8 Force

Perfect8 Technologies have created the Force, an absolutely amazing 5.1 surround sound system. Their description of the experience provided by the Force is perfect: “sound free flowing an unconstrained as if created from the very essence of air itself. “ But this is not all that’s unique about it. What makes it even more special is its modern and precious design. The gold towers and green glass elements give it a highly luxurious look – no wonder it is so expensive.

Number 6 – Acapella Audio Arts: Sphaeron Excalibur $ 380,700

Acapella Audio Arts Sphaeron Excalibur

This time quality sound is not first on the list. The Sphaeron Excalibur does sound good, but being a creation of the 1990s, it is unsurprisingly less impressive in this respect. Still, it proudly holds the 6th place in our list and this is mainly due to its extravagant and gargantuan  design. To host this huge music device you need a room of at least 40 square meters, and probably all other furniture elements will be dwarfed by it. But for an extravagant music lover this will be the perfect acquisition.

Number 5 – CAT MBX Powered Speakers $ 500,000

CAT MBX Powered Speakers

Another giant sound provider: the CAT MBX speaker system. 12 feet tall and weighing 5 tons, they impress with both size and extreme quality of sound. The large dimensions continue with the 5.5 inch midrange speakers, the 9 inch woofers, and the 12 inch subwoofers. And as a final touch to this extravagant design, the speakers are painted in bright red.

Number 4 – Moon Audio: Signature Titan $ 500,000

Moon Audio Signature Titan

The fourth priciest audio system is the Signature Titan from Moon Audio, which is almost 6.5 feet tall. If the dimensions do not impress you too much this time, than its technology should. With a 90 Hz frequency, the sound is perfect, and you will feel like listening to a live performance.

Number 3 – Wisdom Audio: Infinite Grande $ 700,000

Wisdom Audio Infinite Grande

As price grows, so do the dimensions, or so it seems. The Infinite Grande is no less than 13 feet tall and it costs a little less than 1 million dollars. “Home stereo” is not exactly a suited term for this amazing sound system, as there aren’t many “homes” to fit this giant in. The subwoofers can put out 12,000 watts and the high sound pressure levels can reach 120 dB. Impressive in all respects.

Number 2 – $ 2 million

 Transmission Audio Ultimate

Yes, we have reached the realm of ridiculously expensive sound systems. Of course, the technology that you find here is just as impressive as the price is. Ultimate is the name of this extraordinary sound master from Transmission Audio. With the most advanced audio reproduction technology, the 12 woofer panels are able to bring pleasant music or painfully low (and loud) sounds to your years. The state of the art technology used here makes it possible for you to listen to such loud sounds like those made by a plane!

Number 1 – Kipnis’ Outer Limits Theatre $ 6 million

Kipnis’ outer limits theatre

What’s more than “ridiculously expensive”? We believe there is no proper term to express just how expensive this device is. After all, it can only deliver sounds, it’s not like it also cooks and washes dishes for you while you are at work. But music producer Jeremy Kipnis put out all this money with a single purpose: to get the most amazing home theatre possible. It became known as Kipnis’ Outer Limits Theatre or even “The Greatest Show on Earth”. Kipnis simply put together the separate elements of this theatre (the best he could find, we reckon) and obtained this one of a kind result. The only setback  – if it can be called that – is the limited sitting: only three people can enjoy at once the Greatest Show on Earth.