Incredibly Accurate And Expensive Model Race Track Replicas

Those of you who are not familiar with Hillclimb racing are about to receive a quick history lesson, which is necessary because it helps explain why these particular model race track replicas are selling for $50,000 a piece. Hillclimb racing was practiced back in the day by anyone who had enough courage and faith in his own car to take it up to various twisting mountainsides in order to push it to its limits.

Expensive Model Race Track Replicas 1 Expensive Model Race Track Replicas 2

The goal was to see which driver could get to the top of the track quickest, of course. Nowadays, people are paying a huge amount of money in order to re-live those iconic moments, albeit by playing with some incredibly accurate, made to order tracks. These tracks include 6′ x 12′ wooden two-lanes, and they offer a 1/32 scale inspired recreation of classic hillclimb courses from the 60s and 70s. Scenic elements include handcrafted structures, grandstands, and bridges, not to mention the grass, rocks and trees.

However, what makes the product really shine is the fact that it boasts six slot cars and two controllers, as well as a Lap timing or a special race management system.

Expensive Model Race Track Replicas 3 Expensive Model Race Track Replicas 4

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