Incredible Soundbox Desk Designed By Jina U

Many people find that they complete tasks easier and find work more enjoyable while they are listening to their favorite music. It’s true that large desks feature plenty of space for audio equipment, but wouldn’t it be nicer to have a smaller desk that somehow incorporates the sound system? Seoul, Korea based designer Jina U created the Soundbox Desk, which features a special smartphone dock that allows its user to amplify the sound that comes out of the gadget.

The desk is made using an interesting mix of materials such as polished metalwork, copper, mesh and Acacia patchwork wood. It boasts a somewhat vintage look and comes with a matching chair that was made using the same materials. Since it doesn’t actually include a high-end sound system, the Soundbox Desk can’t really be used to throw a large party, but that’s okay because it wasn’t designed to be used in such a manner anyway.






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