Incredible Hydro Powered Jetovator

Those looking for a bit of adrenaline-pumping fun on the waves are now able to get their full fix by purchasing a Hydro Powered Jetovator. As its name suggests, this impressive gadget can only be used on water, and while it may look a bit complicated on a glance, we can assure you that it offers the simplest and most innocent type of fun as it propels its user 25 feet into the air using three streams of water.

Those brave enough to take on the Jetovator would be catapulted up into the air at speeds of 25mph before falling back into the sea or ocean, but just because it looks wild and untamed, this does not mean that this thing is completely out of control. On the contrary, the Hydro Powered Jetovator is completely steerable, which means that the user is able to show off his or her back flip or barrel roll skills with ease.

New owners of the Jetovator would need just 20 minutes of instructions before being able to gain full control of this water-powered beast, but its price tag might limit its overall popularity, since it costs no less than $7000. Still, if you know someone who really appreciates this kind of water sport, you should definitely consider buying him or her a Jetovator as a Christmas present.