Impressive Transparent Speaker By People People

As minimalistic designs are becoming more and more popular in our modern days, it makes sense that even the most basic products would go through a minimalistic transformation at some point. As far as speakers are concerned, the skilled designers at People People created the Transparent Speaker, which is exactly what its name suggests.

The speaker’s transparency allows it to blend seamlessly into any décor, which means that it can complement modern as well as classic setups effortlessly. Aside from its translucent looks, this speaker also impresses with exceptional build quality and sound quality, all thanks to a pair of 3-inch full range drivers and a 6.5-inch subwoofer. This 2.1 system also comes with its own control panel made out of machined aluminum, which allows the user to manipulate volume, treble and bass according to his or her preference.

Last but not least, one of the main highlights of the Transparent Speaker comes in the form of wireless music streaming capabilities. Naturally, a classic 3.5 mm auxiliary jack was also implemented in order to enable effortless music streaming from smartphones and other gadgets.






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