Impressive Staaker Auto-Follow Drone

Nowadays, if you’re the outdoorsy type, you definitely need to invest in a high-quality auto-follow drone in order to make sure that you’ll always be able to review and show off some of your most memorable adventures. Whether you’re into snowboarding, skateboarding, hiking or any other activity that involves spending time outdoors, the Staaker drone will make sure that you’re always the center of attention.

Impressive Staaker Auto-Follow Drone (3)

This awesome little device features a simple controller that allows users to set five different following modes. These include following you from behind, in a circle, compass around, hovering on a specific spot or taking a look at the scenery. The drone boasts a top speed of 50 miles per hour, and it comprises an integrated artificial intelligence that can anticipate your moves in order to capture the best footage. It’s also worth mentioning that the device is completely waterproof, which means that it can function without issues even during the heaviest rainfall.

Impressive Staaker Auto-Follow Drone (1)Impressive Staaker Auto-Follow Drone (2)

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