Impressive Range Rover Pickup By Brabus Startech

In order to make sure that everyone attending the 2015 Shanghai Motor Show would be speaking its name, German tuning company Brabus created a unique Ranger Rover pickup that is as practical as it is luxurious.  To be specific, the project was completed by the Brabus Startech division, and it is based on a superb Range Rover flagship. The tuners chopped down the car’s roof and replaced it with a pickup bed, which can be used to carry all sort of things such as golf clubs or luggage trunks.

For the conversion, Brabus had to install 100 new parts made out of aluminum, carbon fiber and steel. Behind the seats, the experts placed a heated tinted rear window that visually separates the passengers from the cargo, at least from the outside. The four-wheeler was also outfitted with a new air-suspension module, 23-inch wheels, a custom exhaust system and a new body kit.

The 5.0-liter supercharged V8 engine was tuned and now ensures an output of 526 horsepower. To top it all off, the extensive modifications allow this Range Rover to qualify as a commercial vehicle in several countries, which goes a long way towards dropping some of those import fees.

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