Impressive Motorcycles by Caterham

Just like many other famed carmakers out there, the good people at Caterham recently decided to go into the motorcycle manufacturing business. Now since this particular company boasts over 4 decades of experience in the automotive industry, it’s pretty safe to assume that their bikes will be quite amazing.

Caterham already unveiled 3 distinct motorcycles, and 2 of them are definitely going to appeal to electric bike fans, while the third is in a whole new league altogether. This 2-wheeled beast was dubbed Caterham Brutus 750, and it was described as the “SUV of motorcycles”, since it was built to tackle even the most unwelcoming riding conditions, including snow since it can be transformed into a snowmobile after a 4-hour conversion process.

The production of these stunning bikes is scheduled to begin in spring, and they will be quite affordable apparently. In any case, even if it turns out to be expensive, we’re pretty sure that people will be lining up to purchase that beastly Brutus 750.