Impressive Donations from Philanthropic Rich Indians

Azim Premji

You’ve already heard a lot about wealthy Indians that spend lavishly for their own personal pleasures and comfort. But let’s not fall into stereotypes. Today we choose to admire those rich Indians who found enough generosity in their hearts to give away impressive amount of money to charity. Here are the top five most altruist Indian businessmen.

1. Azim Prejmi: $2 billion

Azim Premji Prejmi is the third richest Indian and the chairman of Wipro. Azim Prejmi Foundation sustains education in rural India, and the man donated $2 billion to his organization. With such an incredible donation, Prejmi ranks first on this list.

2.  Shiv Nadar: 580 crore Indian rupees

Shiv Nadar Also for educational purposes, Shiv Nadar, the founder of HCL, India’s leading IT and technology company, donated 580 crore Indian rupees to his Shiv Nadar Foundation. The money came from selling 2.5% of his stakes in the company and was donated in July, last year.

3.  Anand Mahindra: $10 million

Anand Mahindra Anan Mahindra donated $10 million in September last year for…education programs. Yes, it seems that Indian rich people really appreciate the importance of education. Mahindra is the vice chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra and a Harvard alumnus. He donated this money to his alma mater for the university’s humanities program.

4.  Vineet Nayyar : 30 crore Indian rupees

Vineet Nayyar Again for education, this time for girls and the handicapped, Vineet Nayyar donated one third of his shares in the Tech Mahindra company to the Essel Social Welfare Foundation. The donation was made in May, 2010 to the Delhi-based organization which is run by his wife.

5.  Ratan Tata: 220 crore Indian rupees

Ratan Tata Tata group chairman, Ratan Tata donated 200 crore Indian rupees in October 2010. For what cause? Why education, of course! Also a Harvard alumnus, the businessman donated the money to the university for the construction of new educational and residential buildings in Harvard’s Boston campus.