Ideas for a Wedding Cigar Bar

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Give your contemporary wedding a touch of old school class by hosting a cigar bar at your wedding reception. This modern-day addition to the customary open bar of canapes and mixed drinks could also amaze your groomsmen, who could enjoy a pre-wedding smoke. Later, treat all of your wedding guests to a novel indulgence by allowing them to learn about and enjoy premium cigars.

Plan Ahead

Before hosting a cigar bar at your wedding reception, be sure to have legal documentation that allows you to do so. Some venues do not allow smoking, so make sure you have a written contract that allows smoking.

Once you know you have a venue that allows smoking, you will want to determine the number of premium cigars you will need for your guests. Provide an assortment of cigars; each guest should get one. Accessories such as ashtrays, cigar cutters and lighters will also be necessary. Once folks begin to light up their cigars, some people who initially declined participation in the event, could change their minds, so have extra cigars to give to them.

Make It Educational

Many of your guests may not have tried or even considered smoking a cigar. That is where educating them about this novel treat comes in. Hire a cigar rolling event coordinator who will provide a professional cigar roller who will help guests to appreciate the benefits of a quality, hand-rolled cigar, while instructing them in how to cut and light cigars for the first time.

A customized sign with the wedding theme can also be placed next to the bar and can feature cigar selections and how to cut and light them. The wedding couple’s own cigar band can also be designed to match their wedding theme. These keepsake bands could match the wedding’s color scheme and feature the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date.

Price Factors

Each cigar box contains quantities of 20 or 25 cigars. As long as they are kept moist or humidified, cigars will stay fresh indefinitely. However, unless you have a large and dependable humidor, wait to buy your cigars as closely to your wedding date as possible. Cigars will not be kept in the refrigerator.

If they end up having extras following the ceremony, the wedding couple can take the cigars with them on their honeymoon, or perhaps, they can be handed out later on the golf course.

Premium handmade cigars have a vast price range from $2 to $3 each to $20 to $30 each. Your cigar bar should feature two to three different cigar blends (mild, medium, or robust) in two sizes, including standard and cigarillo, which measure no more than six inches with a ring gauge between 46 and 52.

Highly popular at weddings, the traditional Ashton brand is a mild cigar with a price range of $200-$270 for most 25-count boxes. Other reasonably priced, high-quality brands include La Aroma de Cuba, Arturo Fuente, and San Cristobal. You could also mix in less expensive brands like Argyle and Rocky Patel to add variety.

Location Is Key

Be mindful that not everyone enjoys a good smoke. Make sure your cigar bar is located in an semi-isolated area so that individuals who are sensitive to smoke will not be affected; away from where children are playing and away from the buffet or where your nonsmoking guests are dining.

To help your guests to enjoy their cigar-smoking experience even more, you could also have a bartender at the semi-secluded cigar bar to pair cigars with drinks of scotch whiskey, beer, wine, and/or a rich dessert. Have a tobacconist on hand to discuss which cigars pair well with specific types of drinks and desserts.

A Matter of Size

For a 10-to-20 minute smoke, Mini Cigarillos or Petit Coronas are ideal. Cigar devotees who want a cigar to last somewhat longer should consider the Robusto, Toro or Corona. These cigars can last for a 30-to-55 minute smoke.

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