Ibiza Dream House: Casa Jondal by Jamie Serra

Casa Jondal is a beautiful display of traditional Spanish influences and modern design elements. It is a 380-square-meters (4,090-square-feet) residence located in Ibiza, Spain. Its designer, Jamie Serra, imagined it as a contemporary dream house with two different volumes: a common area where the master bedroom is also situated and a secondary volume holding the guest bedroom.

Both volumes feature concrete bricks on the outer side and ceramic bricks for the inner side. Sliding steel frames were used for the main entrance. A beautifully landscaped Mediterranean-style courtyard offers 485 square meters (5,220 square feet) of outdoor space, while a long swimming pool along the main volume of the house offers a perfect spot for relaxation and unwinding.

Ibiza Dream House Casa Jondal by Jamie Serra (11)


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