i-Sopod Floatation Tank for a Wonderful Relaxing Experience

Always open to new experiences? Then you should definitely try the totally relaxing i-Sopod Floatation Tank experience! After years of planning and testing, the i-Sopod Floatation Tank is now ready to offer you the most relaxing time of your life in a special solution made of 1,000 liters of water and 500 kg of Epson salts.

The temperature of the water is the same with the temperature of the air inside the tank, thus making it almost impossible to feel where the water stops and the air begins. This tricks your brain into “believing” that it’s actually floating weightlessly into the air, completely defying gravity. The experience is amazing.

Thanks to its innovative filtration system, the tanks is highly hygienic, so no worries about that. i-Sopod is made from fine GRP double-skinned moldings. Finished and insulated by hand, the tank offers 50% more interior space than most similar products on the market, thus enhancing comfort and making things better even for claustrophobic people. While inside, you can listen to your favorite music to help you completely unwind and enjoy your floatation session.

i-Sopod Floatation Tank (1) 

i-Sopod Floatation Tank (2) 

i-Sopod Floatation Tank (3) 

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