Hybrid Ferrari Enzo Successor and 700hp-Mad 599 Replacement

Ferrari’s legendary Enzo will apparently be replaced by a V12 hybrid. We’ve already seen that the Italian company has warmed up to the idea of green technology in the 599 HY-KERS concept unveiled at the Geneva show in 2010. Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa recently commented on the possibility of a hybrid Ferrari and said: “This is the place for using the newest technology, in the supercar. So, yes.”

Another interesting piece of information is the one we’ve recently found about the 599 replacement. Apparently the car will get a lot of extra power: some 700 hp to be more exact. Ferrari assures us that the number is not a response to the outrageously powerful Aventador: “We are selling cars, not horsepower”, said Felisa. The car will feature aluminum alloys for its body structure (not carbon fiber), but it will keep its front-engine, RWD layout.Hybrid Ferrari Enzo Successor and 700hp-Mad 599 Replacement



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