How To Make Your Bedroom Into a Paradise Room

We have all been spending a lot of time in our own homes recently. While it is a dream come true to be able to spend more time in bed and get more rest at night and during the day, you might have noticed that your bedroom has become something that is boring or repetitive. People will say that when you are feeling sad or anxious in your life, the best thing that you can do is change your space, clean it up, make it into something entirely different. If it is time for you to remodel your bedroom, here is how you can turn it into a vacation paradise:

Get a big mattress

First, you want a brand new mattress. This mattress can bring you so much more comfort at the end of the day because it is fluffy, comfortable, and supports you wherever you want to be supported. But you shouldn’t stop at a brand new bed, you should also increase the size. 

Whether you get a mattress that is longer than what you have currently, or you are looking for something wider, even if it is just you in the bed, you should look at mattress sizes to make sure that you are getting a mattress that is perfect for you and your situation. You can get all of your size information together and measure out your space to see what kind of bed you can fit into your bedroom. Just make sure to leave yourself with room to walk around when you are sizing up.

Buy fun pictures that will remind you of the beauty in life

This is something that you don’t necessarily have to do, but it will increase your enjoyment and improve the overall aesthetic that you have in your bedroom. Don’t turn it into a hotel room by filling it with specific images that make you feel like you aren’t at home, but hang up a few pictures of nature. Whether you like to keep things themed for the beach, or the mountains, you should make sure that you have sunrises, sunsets, and scenery like cities or trees. These things will make your room feel much more authentic and you will wake up feeling like you traveled the world every morning.

Paint the walls a bright color

If you want to make your room into a paradise, you want to tackle the color of your walls. If it is something that is plain white, it can be hard to decorate things to look like a paradise from any part of the world. Whether you are looking for something that resembles a jungle theme, beach theme, or just a generally happy place in your mind, you want to paint your walls with a color that relates to what you are looking for. 

Try a green shade for a jungle theme, a baby blue, or a sandy cream and yellow if you want a beach theme and other colors that you can relate to what you are putting together. It doesn’t have to directly match what you are making, but it should have some relevance. However, if it is a personal paradise in your mind, you do have free roam to paint your walls any color. I would suggest keeping things bright, but it is up to you at the end of the day.

Buy a comfortable rug

To finish a lot of the room decor off, you want to make sure that you get a comfortable rug that you can place at the foot of your bed. It should match the theme of the paradise that you are putting together, and it should also match your bed set or your curtains if you have curtains hanging up in your room.

Get mood lighting

Whether you are the type of person who likes the traditional lamp, a bit of fairy lighting, or LED light strips, you want to finish off this entire new room experience with a light that you can rely on. Make sure that you pick one, or multiple, of the options from this list as your choice of lighting to really capture the experience that you are looking for when you are trying to put together your very own at-home paradise.

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