How to Improve your Company’s Online Presence

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You might be asking yourself; how can I increase my effectiveness on the Internet? Is your company still just hanging on with their digital plan for 2010? It is not enough to only add new content and keep your information current. The internet is always changing if you want to take full advantage of today’s digital marketing. Changes will need to be made.

  • Update your website: The first thing you need to consider is that people are now using multiple platforms to search the Internet. The mobile platform is the master platform now, and Google indexes mobile sites first. Using a phone on a website that is not optimised for the Internet is no fun. There is no excuse these days for not optimizing your site for the most common platforms. Modern day web building platforms have templates to help make this happen seamlessly.
  • SEO: The best way to improve your online performance is with search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO not only improves the quantity of traffic directed to your site; it improves the quality of the traffic. So that, you will be receiving more relevant visitors to your site. There are several techniques, but essentially the aim of an SEO company is to optimize your website to receive higher rankings on a search engine. SEO companies understand the basics of search engine algorithms, particularly Google’s, but also others like YouTube and Amazon. By knowing the characteristics of web crawling programs, SEO strategies are designed to optimize your site, to receive the traffic most likely to conduct business. The rankings also consider if your site has fresh information, is mobile-friendly, and has active backlinks to directories and authoritative sites. Simply said SEO increases the value of your organic traffic
  • Advertising: An excellent way to increase and improve organic traffic to your site is through investing in advertising. There are many different types of advertising, but a common solution is Google AdWords. Utilising a program like this will generate more quality visitors to your site and you only pay when they click your ad. Which means you will be receiving visits from people already interested in doing business, rather than just researching, or kicking tyres. You also get the benefits of tying into Google analytics. Top digital marketers know the power of Analysing and customising AdWords campaigns.  
  • Relevant Directories: One more strategy you might want to employ could be to make sure that your company is listed among all the relevant directories you can find, This will help your search engine rankings because your business will have been indexed to have backlinks to an authoritative site.

Your Internet presence is more and more the lifeblood of your company.  But there are literally trillions of websites out there, and now instead of pounding the pavement, as salespeople did in the old days. Your sales and promotional efforts are much better served by making sure that your website is fresh and useable, as well as optimised for quality organic traffic.

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