How to Find an Expert Hairdresser for That Ultimate Look

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Are you moving to a new part of town? Will your old stylist be too far to visit? Do you need a professional hairdresser that can fulfil your needs? Finding a new hairdresser can be a truly daunting prospect, it isn’t something any of us take lightly. Choosing the wrong hairdresser can be a disaster, so it is important to make the correct decision. Before you start your adventure, consider these useful tips.

Sharing the Formula

If you know you are going to have to find a new hairdresser, you can ask your old stylist to write down the details of your current look. If you have a custom colour or you like your hair done a certain way, your existing hairdresser can help you explain your look when you find a new stylist. At, professionals hairdressers understand the difficulties customers face when choosing a new stylist. That’s why a good hairdresser will listen to their clients and discuss the information they have provided.

Bring Pictures

The last time you visit your hairdresser, ask them to take some pictures of your hair when they have finished. It is best to do this in the hair salon as the cut is fresh and nothing has been changed. Make sure you take images from various angles, so you capture every side of your head. Bringing images is also useful if you wish to get hair extensions. If you haven’t had trendy hair extensions or a haircut in a while, having good quality pictures will make the job a lot easier for your new stylist.

Ask the Right Questions

If you are concerned about going to a hairdresser during the pandemic, there is a lot of information about safe work practices and hairdressing online. When choosing a stylist, it is important to select a business which follows the guidelines to ensure all their clients are safe. Along with finding out about the premises and their procedures regarding Covid-19, you should have lots of other questions for the stylist. Just because someone has years of experience behind the chair doesn’t make them a great hairdresser. Here are some important questions to ask when you speak to the stylist.

  • How many years have you been cutting hair?
  • Have you continued your education on new technologies and techniques?
  • How often do they enroll in new courses or events?

Avoid Experimenting

The first time you go to see a new stylist is not the time to dramatically change your look. Start with something simple and see how they follow your instructions. If they can’t do a basic trim and colouring really well, it is best to look elsewhere for a stylist.

Finding a new stylist for whatever reason can be a challenge. If you are incredibly picky, you need to do a lot of research and try to get recommendations from people you trust. If you have been with your stylist for many years, leaving them to find a new one can seem almost impossible. Finding an expert hairdresser can be done as long as you use the points mentioned above.

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