How to Design a Luxurious Study Area

Where you study can have a big impact upon how well you’re able to concentrate and how much time you need to spend studying. If you have a luxurious study area where you can feel comfortable and at ease, and where it’s quiet enough for you to concentrate without becoming distracted, you’ll be able to get a lot more done in a shorter amount of time.

So whether you’re getting your public health degree online or you’re working hard to get your master of public health degree from the University of Arizona, keep reading to access a few helpful design tips and strategies that work.


Choosing the Right Color Scheme

Sometimes the color scheme is the first thing that will make a room feel luxurious versus just feeling average. You can start by considering a dark motif, such as dark furniture. Then contrast that with bright accessories, such as white lamps, a mirror, a glass top coffee table, or even golden hues, such as in your window treatments. This color scheme is sophisticated and classic, and it exudes a sense of luxury that other colors, especially lighter woods, can’t provide.

Another way to develop a luxurious color scheme is by sticking with modern white and metallic hues. You can have a glass top desk with your silver laptop on it, along with white organizers on your desk. You can add a white bookshelf to the space, sit in a white chair, and add white window treatments to the mix.

It’s All About the Chair


The chair that you sit in can either make you feel like you are sitting comfortably on a cloud, or it can make you feel like you can’t maintain the right posture and your back is aching. Therefore, one of the best ways to create a luxurious study area is by choosing the right chair to sit in at your desk. Find a plush office chair with a high back, and make sure that it is adjustable so that you can tweak the height accordingly and maintain the right posture as you work.

Add Beautiful Art and Inspiring Messages

Finally, add some beautiful artwork to the walls, along with inspiring messages that will make your study area feel more like your very own luxurious workspace. After all, this room should motivate you to get things done. You may even want to set up a board on which you can put photos that you love, ideas that you have written down, clippings from magazines and the Internet that inspire you, and more.

Ultimately, when it comes down to designing your very own luxurious study area or office, you can go in any direction that you like. After all, your idea of luxury may be different from someone else’s. If you are really stumped for ideas, though, you can always hire an interior designer to get the job done for you. Regardless what direction you take, keep the study area clean and organized to feel like royalty while you’re in it.

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