How the Internet Transformed Your Life

Have you ever stopped to think about how the internet has transformed the life you would be living if the fast, interwoven connections of billions of people did not exist? Here are just a few examples of the changes the internet has given you and the world around you.

1. Working From Home

Work took on a new form when the internet joined the labor force with mobility. Suddenly, people could continue working on projects from home, operate on ventures together with people from all over the world, and investigate information to help in tasks in the luxury of their slippers. With this ability to work from home came new jobs that were unheard of before, such as blog writers, credit associates, and internet doctor’s assistants. New jobs just keep popping up, thanks to the internet.

2. Hiding In the World

One of the biggest changes that came from the internet is that of security. Law enforcement officials, transportation officers, and city personnel were suddenly able to trace the paths and actions of individuals using the multitude of connected cameras. No matter if it is at a store, terminal, or homeowner’s front door, the security cameras all hook into the internet, and that makes them available to officials everywhere.

3. Shopping at Midnight

If you suddenly remember at midnight that you are almost out of milk, all you have to do is place an order over the internet at your favorite store, and someone will deliver it to you the next day, or you can schedule a time to pick the milk and a few other things. Of course, if you do want to pick the items up, the store employees will bring the groceries out to your car. Who said the internet wouldn’t spoil you?

4. Chatting in Pajamas

If you can’t sleep, why not use the time to search the world for someone else that can’t sleep and spend some time chatting in your pajamas? You can choose from face to face real-time data streams, face captured and sent to another program, or typing and sending on numerous platforms. You can also enter a gaming world and chat with comrades, but that is a whole other world.

5. Gaming for 24-Hours

When the internet exploded, and offered dozens of internet packages, the creation of multi-player gaming burst into existence at roughly the same time. Within these fantastical worlds, gamers could play intellectual puzzles, maim and kill, or spend idle moments chatting with friends for hours on end. The worlds were open 24 hours a day every day for those that wanted to adventure in their borders in teams, clans, tribes, or even solo. Everyone was welcome, and you never knew if you were playing with someone across the world, a famous movie star, or the boy next door – unless they told you.

With all the transformations new technology brings each year, there may be many surprises that the internet may offer just around the corner. It will be exciting to see the changes in healthcare, personal security, and the labor force that come in the next ten years – thanks to the internet.

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