How Fashion Nova Broke Through the Noise to Achieve Massive Sales on Instagram

No longer are shoppers flocking to labels like Zara and H&M to purchase copycat designer outfits. If you follow Fashion Nova on Instagram, a ping every 30 minutes will alert you of their latest outfit release. The brand has emerged as a force to be reckoned with and their expansion doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon! They have managed to leverage the power of Instagram in a way that similar companies have been unable to, so what’s their secret? 

Look Like a Star on a Budget

Gone are the days where we sat flicking through magazines wishing we could afford the latest Kardashian outfit! Brands such as Fashion Nova have made it possible for everyday people to look like a million bucks! It’s referred to as a direct-to-consumer online brand which means there is no middleman, Fashion Nova is the manufacturer and the distributor so they can provide decent quality at a low cost. There are several similar brands such as Boohoo and Misguided, but Fashion Nova have made the most impact. With between 600-900 styles released per week, customers are spoilt for choice. In 2018, the LA based brand was Google’s most searched in America. Founder and CEO Richard Saghain states that his strategy of releasing outfits in such high numbers is based on the need to keep things fresh. He wants his customers to be able to go clubbing without bumping into someone wearing the same outfit as them. 

What is the Secret to Fashion Nova’s Success?

First, they are non-conformists, research suggests that the fashion industry have changed their modus of operandi to slow and sustainable. Well, Fashion Nova have refused to follow suit and have continued in the fast lane with low prices, speedy manufacturing and fast delivery. 

So how exactly does the brand manage to release 600-900 pieces each week? The brand has hijacked the style agenda and partners with more than 1,000 manufacturers based in the United States. This means they are able to replicate an original outfit in as fast as 24 hours, they work with in-house models — meaning they can get the product online within another 24 hours. So no sooner has a buyer released the words, “I loved J-LO’s Grammy outfit,” Fashion Nova has posted it on their Instagram page! Not only are they ultra-fast, they also provide the outfit in multiple colors. They have cornered the market in a remarkable way.

 From the Biggest to the Smallest

Fashion Nova don’t discriminate when it comes to size, whether you are an XS or a 3X or anything in between, there is something for everyone. They have a competitive advantage because 39 percent of their items are available in larger sizes, compared to 10 percent for Forever 21, and 12 percent for Boohoo. Additionally, Fashion Nova are further investing in their plus size styles by extending their men’s wear line to 4X. With obesity on the rise in the Western World, this is a smart move. 

They Are Relatable

Fashion Nova have fully embraced the concept of diversity, they understand that runway models don’t represent the average person in society. We are living in an era where people are being called out for body shaming and advertising campaigns are showcasing the beauty of the multitudes. Despite the fact that the entertainment industry still insists on promoting biased beauty ideals, brands like Fashion Nova are making bold statements by replicating outfits worn by the most slender stars and giving plus sized individuals the opportunity to wear them. In this way, they have expanded their reach to people who top name brands indirectly refuse to. 

Instagram Takeover

Fashion Nova has over 17 million Instagram followers, they are the platforms top performing brand. Not only do they post every 30 minutes, but they frequently team up with influencers by buying sponsored posts or sending them free clothes to review or wear in their shoots. The brand works with several stars, one of the most popular being Cardi B, when Fashion Nova launched her collection, it sold out in 82 minutes! The brand also partners with celebrities like Kris Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Christina Milian and Chyna Black. In an interview with the Cut, Saghian stated that a post from Kylie typically generates around $50,000 in sales. 

Fashion Nova also partner with micro influencers who refer to themselves as brand ambassadors. Their strategy works by reposting lifestyle shots of them wearing the brands clothes with #NovaBabes. Fashion Nova typically works with influencers who have a following of between 50,000 and 250,000 followers. One of the reasons why partnering with micro-influencers is such a powerful marketing strategy is that not only do their followers trust them, but they relate to them. The majority of followers follow people they relate to, relating turns to trust which means that if they endorse a product, it is going to sell. They actually started working with Cardi B prior to her rise to fame when she was a micro-influencer in 2014. She now has more than 44 million followers on Instagram, and she now provides both paid and organic recommendations for the company. 

The brand also uses Facebook to post selfies of customers wearing their clothes; they are masters of engagement and make sure they respond to every comment and tag from followers. 

There are several factors that have contributed to Fashion Nova’s Instagram success, but perhaps one of the most controversial is the amount of times they post per day. Marketing experts claim that posting too often is the fastest way to get unfollowed, but Fashion Nova have defied the odds and it appears that their followers don’t have a problem with it. 

Fashion Nova started off as a brick and mortar store in Panorama City Mall selling cheap clubwear. No one would have ever anticipated such massive success, but Richard Saghain has built an empire based on a simple observation – that everyday men and women want to look good too.

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