House of the Day: Villa-K

It’s not the largest house in the world, but it is has a lot of personality: that’s why it is worth mentioning here. Set in a lovely environment in Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan, this little home is one of the loveliest we’ve ever seen. It is a creation of Cell Space Architects.

It’s actually composed of four different modules set around a central pillar. Each one of the four floors is set on a different level than the other ones, for a plus of variation in the scenery. The roofs of these modules are connected to one another at different angles, and this creates slits between them, through which sunlight can come inside the house. Natural light is an essential element in this home, and that’s mostly due to the immense floor-to-ceiling windows it flaunts.

Villa-K’s interior is warm and modern, with simple lines and light colors. Minimalist and welcoming, this absolutely is a home to long for.


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