House of the Day: the Yallingup Residence

Created by WrightFeldhusen Architects, this lovely residence is situated in Yallingup, as the name suggests. This is somewhere in the south-west region of Western Australia.

The residence is set in a lovely environment, where the color green dominates the picture, thus creating a serene state of relaxation. Perfectly responding to the welcoming environment, the Yallingup Residence features a balanced combination of modern elements like metal or glass, and natural materials like wood or stone.

To further erase the borders between the interior of the house and the lovely nature outside, very large windows and sliding glass doors have been introduced in the design. Also, the colorful stones that make up a part of the house’s exterior have also been brought inside for a more seamless transition between the two spaces.

Simple and welcoming, this two-stories residence is another dream house in every detail. Just take a look at the amazing views it offers from the living areas upstairs!


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