House of the Day: Star House in Kuwait

House of the Day Star House in Kuwait

You have got to love this house in Bnaider, Kuwait. It’s a contemporary home for the rich, designed by AGI Architects.

The lovely dwelling has got everything a pretentious owner might ever ask for: it is a beach house that is strategically positioned to offer beautiful views of the sea, it has got a large infinity pool, a boathouse, two bungalows, and even a supplementary area for future expansion.

The Star House was initially designed as a group of three different homes, but the owner opted for turning them into a single larger property. The private area of the house achieves enough privacy thanks to the bamboo wall that can be seen in the pictures.

Since there is enough room in the Star House for owners and guests to live together and feel comfortable, a three-way stair has been made at the center of the building to direct the different flows of people: guests, friends and owner’s family.

Kuwait has just become a little more appealing to us all with this lovely creation of AGI Architects. Make sure and watch the video below as well.

Photo by: Nelson Garrido