House of the Day: Michael Parks’ Residence

House of the Day Michael Parks Residence

Michael Parks is not only the owner but also the designer of this stunning residence. Located in the Hollywood Hills, in their Laurel Canyon section, this house was a total disaster when Parks bought it. There were termite problems, the windows did not connect with the frames, it had only one usable bedroom, no insulation, poor ventilation, and the list continued with even more issues.

So it was obvious that Parks needed a bunch of specialists to help him out. But after he looked at several architecture plans it became clear to him that due to their prohibitive costs, he could not use any of them. Then he took things in his own hands.

With no training in architecture, Michael Parks started on a venture that gave him a new perspective: he could start a whole new career. It took him a year and a half to complete his work, and by the time he was half done, he even took on a technical architecture course at UCLA. Now he can enjoy a brand new lovely home with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a spacious modern kitchen, a comfy sitting area and a beautiful environment, to top it all off.