House of the Day: Gunderson House in Norway

This here is an absolutely amazing waterfront home, with a beautiful modern architecture and an equally appealing interior. Everything about it is great: the setting, the design, the views, de furnishings, the entire home plan.

You can find it in Norway, in Haugesund, near a lovely fjord. The owners asked WRB Architects to tear down the former house on the site and to create a brand new one, which would provide spectacular views of the water and of the surroundings. Fortunately, WRB Architects are very good at what they do and they did exactly as they were asked.

Based on large open plans, the entire structure looks spacious and airy, and it actually seems to invite nature inside. Floor-to-ceiling windows, large roof-covered patio, and natural elements like wood and stone make the Gunderson House blend perfectly into the environment.


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