House of the Day: 23.2 House by Omer Arbel

House of the Day 23.2 House by Omer Arbel 2

Surrounded by nature and oozing good taste, this lovely house has fairly won its place in our House of the Day section. And if you think the name is interesting, wait till you see the house itself!

It is a creation of Omer Arbel, a Canada-based famous master of contemporary design. The 23.2 House was even shortlisted for a World Architecture Festival Award last year. The entire project began with some reclaimed beams that used to be part of several burnt down warehouses. The thing about these beams was that they were one hundred years old Douglas Fir wood. So, the architect decided to center his work around these beams, without modifying them at all.

But the problem was that they were not uniform at all. Some even had immense proportions like 20 meters long or 90 cm deep. The solution Omer Arbel found was to use triangles as the defining geometrical shape for this house. The result is stunning: a very intriguing structure with an intricate, yet legible design. Just take a look at the pictures below and see its splendor with your own eyes.