Hit the Water with the Radinn G2X Modular Electric Jetboard

Anyone who’s ever surfed knows that waiting for the right waves is key in order to live an amazing experience.

The instance you catch one wave, you paddle back, and float. And what’s next? You just float, and float, and float.

If you’re searching for a new surfboard that can offer you a whole new experience, search no more because the The Radinn G2X is the answer to your surfer prayers.

This new “jetboard” runs using a rechargeable battery that propels it up to 34 mph. You only have to press down on the wireless remote and you’ll begin moving without the wave. More exactly, it means that you can experience adrenaline on water without gusts of wind or a boat.

The Radinn G2X is available in black or white, has a 45-minute range due to the Power Pack XL, and is great for those who need those waves but never catch them.

Ready for surfing? Feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.

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