Hiring a Party Bus? Consider This First!

If you are having a party and want to arrange transport for your guests to make it easier for them to find you, you may soon find that a party bus is the best solution for your needs. Here are some points to take into account:

Budget for It

Hiring a party bus is more expensive than hiring a limo, which is a different option that you may have considered. However, as party buses can hold up to twice the number of passengers that a limousine can, which makes your price per head actually lower in the bus’s favor. If your transport will be for ten or less guests, a limo may fit your purposes, but otherwise a bus is an excellent economical choice.


The experience your guests have on the way to the party or event can color their enjoyment of it. Private cars require the attention and focus of the driver and are too small for much of a party atmosphere to be built up. Limos can be a little too formal and ‘dressy’ for true relaxation, but party buses can be like a miniature disco on wheels, with music, drinks and snacks, comfortable and informal seating, and even a private VIP area for those very special guests. And there are bathrooms too, something that is highly important if the drive to your venue is a long one!


Party buses are often decorated inside to look rather like the inside of a high-end nightclub. Tinted windows keep the goings-on inside the bus safe from prying eyes, soundproofing makes sure that there are no noise complaints from other road users, and guests can thoroughly let their hair down and enjoy themselves while travelling to your chosen venue. On the booking form, you can usually state what the event is, and what sort of an ambiance you want the guests to experience, and the driver will be able to set the right mood as the bus travels along.


Inviting people to drive to a venue where alcohol will almost certainly be consumed – such as for an engagement party, wedding, significant anniversary and so on – can be a worry. What if one of your guests drinks and drives? What if more than one of them become involved in an accident of some kind? With up to twenty different vehicles on the road, all driven by people looking to have a good time, or to continue the party, this worry is magnified exponentially. A party bus brings the number of vehicles down to one – the bus – and you can rest assured in the knowledge that the driver will not be drinking or thinking about having a good time. He is, after all, just having a normal day at work! Limo and party bus drivers must have specialized licenses that allow them to carry over eight passengers (the limit imposed by a regular driving license), and they very often have advanced driving skills too.

Once you have decided on all the options that you require from your party bus, you can go online to your local company, like this one www.bergenlimo.com/party-bus-rental-in-nj/ and make your booking or schedule a chat for more information!

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