Highly Durable Carbon Flyer Drone

Drones are awesome for numerous reasons but they all have a single common flaw: fragility. Drones can be used recreationally or professionally and often deliver great results, but the user always needs to watch out for obstacles or weather hazards in order to ensure that the little flyer makes it safely back home.

With the Carbon Flyer drone, this problem disappears altogether. As you may or may not know, carbon fiber is one of the world’s toughest and lightest materials, with a strength to weight ratio that greatly surpasses that of steel. This small, Bluetooth-controlled plane was tested extensively by its makers, who slammed it into tough surfaces at various speeds in order to determine its durability. The results suggest that the Carbon Flyer is nearly indestructible, and that’s a very impressive achievement in its own right.
The gadget can be controlled using an Android or iOS-compatible app that enables the plane to stream video from a distance of up to 240 feet. The Carbon Flyer is powered by a pair of high output motors, and it also boasts LED running lights. It costs $149, which is relatively cheap considering its sturdiness.


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