High-Tech Hotel Features You Won’t Want To Live Without

Hotels have been looking more and more like the future lately. Over the past decade, technology has become a huge part of our day to day lives. Many things that once have been done manually or physically, can now be done via technology. You can now stay at home and order food, clothes, pay bills, and enjoy other products and services. All these benefits are due to technological advancements. The hotel industry is increasingly implementing hospitality technology to improve your hotel experience. In the past hotel rooms with tablets and touch screen technology were considered advanced. However, many hotels are now upgrading their rooms and making them more high-tech. Here are 10 high-tech hotel features you’ll love.

Robot Luggage Storage

For most hotels, check-in time is in the afternoon; usually about 3 P.M. Most people typically arrive before check-in and want to enjoy other things until that time. However, luggage safety is often a concern. Robotic luggage storage is a great way to safely store your luggage before check-in time. This robot will take your luggage and safely store it in a locker and you will receive a passcode. When you are ready for check-in, all you have to do is put in the code. Your luggage will be removed from the locker with a crane arm. So, not only is robot luggage storage safe. It’s also hassle-free.

Robot Butlers

Imagine having a butler 24/7 and not having to call on hotel staff for every little thing you need. Now you can. There are hotels that now offer robotic butler services. This is beneficial to both staff and guests. Robotic butlers will take your hotel experience to a whole new level. This butler is available whenever you need something. Whether it’s late at night or before sunrise, robot butlers will be at your service. Also, this high-tech feature can deliver a towel or drinks poolside if you desire. This allows staff to focus on other issues guests may have while allowing guests to relax and enjoy their stay.

Digital Concierge

Hotels are now implementing artificial intelligence to improve your hotel experience. The digital concierge is a hospitality technology that assists guests and potential guests with finding exactly what they want faster and easier. This digital service helps guests with everything from before booking to post-stay. It’s not only fast but also accurate. The digital concierge provides guests with a customer service experience that is personalized and exceptional. This concierge service is faster than traditional approaches. It allows guests to communicate with the front desk, make queries, confirm dates, get restaurant recommendations, check-in, check-out and so much more. The digital concierge allows your hotel plans to run smoothly.

Voice-Controlled Rooms

Almost everything in today’s society operates on voice command. From your phone to your TV and even your lights, technology is allowing us to do more with less physical activity. So, why shouldn’t things be just as simple in your hotel room? Hotels are now integrating voice-activated technology into their rooms for convenience. Guests can now adjust the temperature of their room and control lights, curtains, and TV with a voice command. This high-tech feature allows guests to be more relaxed while enjoying their room.

​Floor Sensor Lights

Finding the light switch in the middle of the night when you get up to use the bathroom or have a drink of water can be a struggle. It’s especially difficult when you’re in a new surrounding and have sleep in your eyes. With new high-tech features, hotels are making your midnight trips to the bathroom easier. Floor sensor lights are now being integrated into hotel rooms. These floor sensors react to motion and turn on lights. Once you step on the floor, lights located below the bed and on the bathroom floor will be turned on. This will allow guests to see better at nights without having to turn on bright main lights that may ruin sleep.

​Bluetooth Furniture

For years, Bluetooth has made wireless connections easy. Wires can be annoying as they get tangled easily and often become ineffective. Furniture is now being manufactured to facilitate Bluetooth connection. Many high-tech hotels are now using Bluetooth furniture to revolutionize the way guests enjoy sounds. This technology is mostly implemented in terrace furniture so guests can enjoy the amazing sound from the terrace without having to play it from inside the room at a high volume. Guests can enjoy amazing sound by connecting to the furniture.

Bluetooth Keys

Similar to Bluetooth furniture, hotels are now integrating Bluetooth technology into room keys. Hotels are now replacing traditional card keys with Bluetooth room keys. No more having to worry about losing your key by the poolside or accidentally locking it in your room. Using Bluetooth connection, hotels allow you to use your smartphone as your room key. The hotel will grant you access and from there on all you need to unlock your room is your smartphone.

​Projector Bathroom TV

Wouldn’t it be great to watch TV while having a nice relaxing bubble bath in your hotel room? Now you can with new high-tech hotel features. Hotels now have projector TVs installed in their bathrooms so guests can have an even better experience. The projector is placed in the ceiling so guests can watch TV while showering. It is even positioned to reflect in the mirror so you can see from various angles. This also facilitates Bluetooth connection so you can connect your smartphone and watch videos or slide shows. This will make your hotel experience even more memorable.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs are changing the way we enjoy entertainment. These are televisions that can connect to the internet and perform multiple tasks. Hotel rooms are now replacing standard TVs with smart ones. Guests can now stream movies, music videos and other forms of entertainment on large flat-screen TVs in their rooms. These smart TVs also allows you to mirror your phone no matter what operating system you use. So, you can enjoy things from your phone on the big screen.

​Inductive Charging

You need your tablets, smartphones, and cameras to capture memories and stay connected while you enjoy your hotel stay. So, you typically search for the electrical outlet as soon as you enter your room. However, guests frequently forget to pack their chargers before leaving home.

Also, chargers are often left behind when guests check-out. High-tech hotels have now implemented a solution to this problem in their hotel rooms. Cords and wires can be inconvenient and constantly moving around with your charger can result in damages. So hotel rooms now have chargers built into the furniture. Bedside tables and desks in high-tech hotel rooms are built with chargers embedded into them. Guests don’t have to be concerned about connecting any wires or cords to charge their devices. Just simply place your smartphone or any other smart device on top of the desk or bedside table and it charges automatically.

As society becomes more technologically advanced, so does the tourism industry. Hotels and other vacation destinations are implementing high-tech features to make sure guests have quick and easy access to all that is needed for a relaxing and memorable stay. In addition to the ten features previously mentioned, there are other high-tech features being implemented in hotels. Some hotels are now using holographic projections, interactive wall consoles, service carts with smart chips, etc. Hotels are looking and feeling more futuristic and they continuously implement new high-tech features for your convenience. These hospitality technologies are changing the way you vacation.

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