High-End Verrado Electric Drift Trike

If you don’t know why trike drifting is, don’t worry; It’s not exactly the most popular sport in the world right now even though it is quite amazing. This brand new pastime appears have caught roots in New Zealand and involves riding modified and motorless three-wheelers down steep slopes while performing various acrobatic tricks.

In order to eliminate the need of customizing  the vehicles that are required to practice trike drifting, a company based in Arizona called Local Motors decided to create the extraordinary, electric-powered Verrado trike, which will definitely help enthusiasts of the sport get back up on the hillside faster and easier. Verrado is powered by a MagicPie 3-hub brushless motor that gets its juice from a lithium cobalt manganese battery.

After charging this thing up for about 3 hours, you would reportedly be able to ride the trike for about 45 minutes before you need to plug it back in again. Highly reliable, the Verrado flaunts a 20-inch wheel at the front as well as 2 steel 5-inch wheels at the back that are enveloped in 10-inch carting tires. Add regenerative braking capabilities into the mix and you get a pretty good deal for a price of just $1,560.






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