High-End Espresso Machine By La Marzocco

It’s true that coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages, and it’s also true that some coffees are better than others. When it comes to manufacturing espresso machines, few companies can hope to match the expertise of La Marzocco – an Italian firm that was founded in Florence in 1927 by Giuseppe and Bruno Bambi. The company usually creates espresso machines for coffee shops, but it also released a domestic version named GS3.

Boasting a price of $7,000, GS3 is made entirely by hand in Florence and flaunts very precise temperature controls that guarantee professional-quality results. Even though it is quite a feat of engineering, this high-end espresso machine wasn’t marketed actively by La Marzocco but by third-party companies such as Seattle Coffee Gear.
Since its introduction in 2008, La Marzocco sold just 4,500 GS3 units, but things are about to change as the Italian brand recently created a special website to promote the product alongside other similar equipment. The espresso machine can be customized according to preference by adding several glass side panels or maple and walnut touches that provide a hint of elegance.

[Available at La-Marzocco]

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